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M.E.K. Is a strong form of Acetone. This and razor blades are used to remove residue from caulking on tiles and tubs after the majority of it has been removed.


Materials and Tools

Many "Do-It-Yourself"-ers who try to clean grout assume that simply applying something your local hardware store recommends will do the job. Not using tools and materials properly could not only bring poor results but could also damage your tiles and walls, and could lead to major water seeping problems.


Some of the items in our expert toolit include:

A dremel is a drill-like tool that is used with special bits made for the purpose of removing tough, ossified grout.


The type of caulking used is very important. We use silicone caulk that is made for shower and tub areas. Silicone caulk is much stronger than acrylic caulk (which can shrink). This caulking has moldicides and mildicides in it, which are very important for bathrooms in New York City that do not have a lot of ventilation.


Grout color sealing is a fantastic product. It is not a stain or a paint, but a grout sealer. It can only be used on sanded grout.  It has concrete bonding agents in it and makes the grout completely non-porous. It also contains agents that help fight off mold and mildew. When it is finished, it looks brand new. You can use whatever color you want. It makes cleaning afterward much easier. The grout will no longer absorb dirt. This particular brand is the best quality color sealer available. I have been using it for 8 years.

Color Sealer

This is used to removed excess mortar from a subfloor prior to installation of replacement tiles. When used with a Diamond blade, it is also used to cut tiles.


The grout we use is polymer modified. It makes the grout stronger and more resistant to stains. When mixing the grout, we use an additive in lieu of water. This additive makes the grout even stronger and eliminates the need to have it sealed. It also contains agents that help fend off mold and mildew. These variables will help your grout stay newer looking longer and also last longer.

Grout and Grout Additive

Both of these products have great capabilities for their purposes. Zep is used for cleaning the tiles prior to re-grouting, and for the initial cleaning of grout and tiles prior to deep cleaning or color sealing.


Finazzle is used for deep cleaning, and will get your grout as new looking as possible. No other product even comes close to yielding the results that Finazzle accomplishes.

Grout and Tile Cleaners

These are the tools that are primarily used to remove old grout and caulking.

Grout Pick and Corner Tool

After a loose tile is removed, this tool is used to remove grout stuck to the sides of it prior to re-installation. It can also be used to cut and shape tiles. These are the tools that are primarily used to remove old grout and caulking.

Tile Nippers
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