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Prices and Estimates



All on-site estimates are FREE anywhere in Manhattan. In the outer boroughs, a one-time fee of $75 will be applied to the total of the job should the customer move forward with the project.



Service Fees

Our services start at $500 for jobs in both Manhattan and in the outer boroughs. We require an estimate prior to doing any work. This is so there is no confusion as to what is being done. We also need to know exactly what materials we need to bring.


Every job is different and therefore is priced differently based on several variables:


- Type of grout

- Age of grout

- Condition of grout

- Size of tiles

- Size of area(s)

- Condition of tiles (loose tiles)


We can provide a price range prior to doing an estimate via email if you provide the above. Photos are not required but would help us determine our quote.

Time and difficulty level also play a factor in pricing.


One of the most common jobs that we do is to re-grout tub enclosures. A standard enclosure with a 4X4 inch tile would be around $500. This includes removing the grout, installing new grout, and re-caulking. 

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