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Grout Color Sealing


If you have sanded grout (which is typically in grout joints wider than 1/8"), your grout can be cleaned and color sealed. This recolors the grout, making it look brand new and sealing it at the same time. We can even make it bright white. This is not a paint or a stain, but a colored sealer that is made specifically for grout.

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Grout and Tile Cleaning


Sometimes the grout does not need to be replaced, and can be cleaned (provided it is not cracking or coming out.)


The tile is always cleaned no matter what procedure we do. There is an industrial chemical that we use that will get grout cleaner than any other product available. We clean all tile the old fashioned and most thorough way, by hand.

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The average life of un-sanded (or dry) grout is 10 to 15 years. Most wall,  marble, and porcelain installations use this type of grout. Within 10 to 15 years, grout will typically become discolored beyond cleaning, and may crack and start to come out in some spots. A common mistake among workers who do not specialize in this field is to use premixed grout and go over the existing grout. All of the grout needs to be removed and the tiles cleaned before new ones are installed.   See photos >


Tile Repairs


Sometimes moisture gets behind the tile due to grout or caulking coming out. Even in minuscule spaces, steam can enter and can deteriorate the wall board or cause the tile to come loose.


Depending on the extent of damage, sections can be repaired in lieu of replacing the whole wall. We also replaced cracked tiles on the floor.   See photos >



We remove and re-install new caulking using high quality caulk.


Caulking is the first defense against water seeping behind the wall. A simple re-caulking can save your bathroom or kitchen from costly water damage.

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Minor Tile Installations


Whether you're putting in a beautiful new backsplash or a bathroom floor, we offer small tile installation services.


We can install tiles per your specifications (if you already have them) or we can consult with you on design and materials.

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